Mini-Update: Life Changing Moments - Blog within a Blog

This morning Tamara and I, along with 20 of our classmates and 350 other women (and many men) got up at 5am to participate in one of the most incredible experiences/ peaceful protests: Praying with the Women of the Wall.

It will take a while for Tamara and I to collect our thoughts on this eye-opening experience but I thought I would post the link to the LIVE BLOG that covered the whole morning so that our readers can have an understanding of what happened before our philosophical and emotional blog posts appear.  I would also like to stress that not only are Tamara and I OK, we are exhilarated and excited to be a part of this movement.



Stephanie Says:
July 8, 2013 at 7:54 AM

I am glad to hear you were both there this morning and have returned home safely. Reading the stories on Haaretz and the WOW FB page was heartbreaking. It seems you have arrived in Jerusalem at a critical time and I hope you will witness the change to a more accepting environment for all Jews, especially us Reform womenfolk. Good luck in your studies and stay safe during this amazing adventure. XOXO

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